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April 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Welcome back!  Spring is in full swing and that means it's go time!  The sunny days in April were taken full advantage of as spring projects piled up.  For those of you who have been eagerly following the progress of the tidal power project, things have begun to move forward once again.  With the help of a little (long awaited) sunshine, a building was quickly raised on the shore designed to house the battery system.  With almost all material now on site and ready to go we look forward to keeping everyone updated as we move ahead with this project.  

Although new construction is always exciting, the existing must be updated and it was time to get to work on the docks.  A storm left us with a few missing pieces while time left a few rotting boards and rusted bolts.  The work to the dock is an annual affair that keeps many a happy boater coming back, and many a boat safely tied in place.

On shore, landscaping took centre stage.  The field was in need of some work that required moving a lot of dirt, great exercise for all involved.  Once all the dirt had been moved to its appropriate place the landscaping around the cabins was added upon and is looking ready for the upcoming season.  

The work started in April continues now into May as summer draws ever closer.  Those of us at Blind Channel look forward to seeing everyone soon.  In the meantime here is a look back at April.



We had a wonderful week in this incredible place. We saw orcas, dalls porpoise, dolphins, and a bear. Awesome! We so enjoyed the helpful and friendly staff, too. We look forward to coming back.

Joyce and John, Comox, BC