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VHF Channel 66A 50 24. 82N 125 30. 00W

May 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017


                Greetings to all!  Thank you for joining us on this sunny celebration of spring!  After a cold winter and a wet start to the spring, it was sure nice of the sun to grace us with its presence.  The flowers are at last in full bloom and the shoreline has provided ample opportunity for wildlife viewing.                                                                                       May at Blind Channel is characterised as a whirlwind of activity and a fast paced leap into another season.  Some of the important projects tackled this month are annual undertakings such as pressure washing the dock and weeding gardens.  Other projects are entirely new, including the ongoing tidal power project.

               The tidal power project, which has been a lengthy process of trial, error and clever innovation is nearing completion.  The technology is intended to reduce the power supplied by the diesel generators by harnessing the power of the ever-present and predictable current.  It has been an exciting journey alongside Mavi innovations over the past few years.  Stay tuned in the following months as they work toward completion.

It was an important month here in British Columbia as a much anticipated provincial election was held.  Blind Channel was once again a polling station and saw a whole 18 voters this year.  Our elections officers even gave out cookies to anyone who voted.

Aside from projects, power and polls, May marks an influx in traffic at the marina.  On May 25th we welcomed Mark Bunzel with Waggoner flotilla who arrived just in time for opening day at the restaurant.  Two days later we welcomed a second flotilla, the Chinese Continental Yachting Academy.  Even without the flotillas, there has been a steady traffic of boats and seaplanes, including an amphibious Beaver built for the US Army search and rescue in the 1950’s.

With so much going on May saw the beginnings of the summer staff arriving.  We are very excited about the team we’ve put together this year to greet you.  So far that team includes chef Bruce Matthews and Stacey Bell who can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or being followed around by their hungry admirers.  There to serve you in the restaurant is Anna, who will greet you with a smile as she keeps things running smoothly.  Outside you’ll find Natalie in any number of places from catching lines on the dock to weeding gardens, running the till in the store or any place in between.                      

Thank you once again for joining us on this look back at May 2017.








This is a beautiful place and very comfy accommodations, with friendly staff. I am reading two books, "I Heard the Owl Call my Name" and "Spilsbury's Coast." It is unique to be reading stories of the coast history while living in it. A wonderful trip.

Elise and Hugh