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November 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

With one last defiant breath the wind dies off and the afternoon is calm, but the forecast states in bold red lettering Storm Warning in Effect, we’re not in the clear yet.  So it was for most of November, a story of ceaseless rainfall and strong shifting winds, when it is oh so cosy inside.  It's in these brief respites that the carpenters lace up their boot and troop outside, there’s a building to erect and a restaurant to renovate.  By the time November was through the restaurant was stripped to bare bones and the ground cleared and prepped for a new building.  The next few months will be busy ones as projects take shape.

The brief moments between storms come with an added and sometimes unforeseen benefit, as spectacular light streaks beneath the cloud cover to create a photographers paradise.  Journey back through November with us in the images below.




Spent two nights in a cabin. Great, comfortable cabin. Loved the BBQ. Great tenderloin and halibut dinner, highly recomend treating yourself at the restaurant.

Rod, Sayward, BC